In case of India-Pakistan series, Pakistan cricketers will have to field after helmets, Imran Khan


BanglaHunt Desk: With the current political relations between India and Pakistan reaching that point, it is virtually impossible for India-Pakistan to have a bilateral series at this time, said Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, Imran Khan has blamed India for this. He said that if India-Pakistan bilateral series is held at this time, it will take a terrible shape.

Imran Khan, Pakistan's World Cup-winning captain and current prime minister, thinks the two countries can only face each other in a tournament hosted by the ICC or the ACC. In the context of the current bilateral series between India and Pakistan, Imran Khan said that if any bilateral series between India and Pakistan is to be held now, it will take a terrible shape, the situation will get worse.

Imran Khan also said that during the India-Pakistan series, Pakistani cricketers will have to wear helmets to protect themselves while fielding. The last India-Pakistan bilateral series was held in 2012-13.