In front of Ronaldo, who has scored a century in the country's jersey, he is thinking of a foot injury


Bengali Hunt Desk: Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was out of football for a long time due to corona virus. After a long time, Ronaldo has returned to the field with club football. This time it is Ronaldo's turn to return to international football. Millions of Ronaldo fans are waiting to see Ronaldo on the field wearing the country's jersey.

Ronaldo was scheduled to return to international football with the UEFA Nations Cup match. But now there are doubts about Ronaldo coming on the field because Ronaldo has got a serious injury in his leg. Before going on the field against Croatia, the star of the team Cristiano Ronaldo is thinking about the injury of the Portuguese camp.

The entire Portugal team practiced in Lisbon before the match. Even practice with the teamNoHe could not join Cristiano Ronaldo. A statement from Portuguese football said: “Ronaldo has a serious injury to the big toe of his right foot. Doctors have already started treatment for Cristiano Ronaldo. But it seems that Ronaldo is less likely to play in the match against Croatia.

On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo has already scored 99 goals in the country's jersey. Ronaldo's goal is to score a century. However, if Ronaldo cannot play in this match, then Ronaldo will have to wait longer to score a century in the country's jersey.

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