In Goa, Sushant calls on her boyfriend Vicky to 'flop' on her lap.


BanglaHunt Desk: Former Sushant Singh Rajput ex-girlfriend actress Ankita Lokhande (ankita lokhande) is very active in social media. Leaving behind the old memories, he is now busy with the present. And that is the problem of some netizens. How can Ankita forget about Sushant and be happy with her new boyfriend Vicky? The question is netizens.

Recently a post of the painting was surrounded by a storm of condemnation and criticism on social media. Ankita shared some old photos of Goa vacation. There is a picture of the actress sitting on the lap of boyfriend Vicky Jain. He is wearing a red top and blue hot pants.

Sushant fans have become excited after seeing this picture. Some people have said that Ankita went to Goa in 2016 and sat on Sushant's lap like this. One wrote that after Sushant's death, the actress suddenly became very active on social media. But he has cast such a spell on Sushant's family that they do not even see his true form.

Another wrote, old Vicky is now caught by Ankita. On the other hand, Sushant committed suicide. God will not forgive Ankita either. Sushant fans have even called for a flop of the actress' next film.

Recently, Ankita Lokhande stepped on 36. Ankita celebrated her 36th birthday with her boyfriend Vicky Jain. 19 November He used to have a party at home with his friends. Videos and pictures of that party went viral on social media.

Ankita shared a video of her cutting a cake at the party on her Instagram handle. The three-story cake was brought on the occasion of the actress' birthday. Ankita cut the cake and fed it first to her mother and then to Vicky. The party was decorated with balloons and flowers. There was also an arrangement of dance songs. The two are also seen dancing together with a caressing kiss on Vicky's lips.