In India, 4 crore people will be forced to be mobileless by the end of this month


BanglaHunt Desk: Everyone knows how important mobile is at the moment. People are spending their time on mobile in lockdown. Maybe you are reading our news on your mobile right now. Think about the difficulties you will face if you have to be without a mobile. Just like that, four crore people of the country are going to face difficulties This is according to the report of India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA).

Lockdown has been going on across the country since March 24. Exactly when the lockdown will be lifted is not yet known. People have already been under house arrest for 5 weeks. At this time only discounts are given on the sale of necessities. Although the scope of the discount has been increased little by little, mobile has not been added to it yet. As a result, if your favorite mobile gets Akka at this time, you will definitely be mobile free like the other 4 crore people.

Telecom, internet, broadcast and information technology sectors were added but the sale of mobile devices did not match. As a result, the concerned quarters think that the problem will increase every day. In India, 2.5 crore new mobiles are sold every month, with 0.25 per cent of buyers buying new sets for broken or damaged mobile phones. As such, it is feared that 4 crore people will be without mobile phones.

It is learned that ICEA has already approached the Center more than once to bring this sector on the list of daily necessities. A letter has even been sent to the Prime Minister. It is believed that many people will get into big trouble after not having mobile phones in their hands.