In India, great patient success in plasma therapy


Banglahunt desk: COVIED-19 from China. The whole world is trembling because of those. Many people have died. Besides, the number of victims is not less. A few days ago, Delhi Chief Minister Aurobindo Kejriwal announced that plasma therapy would be started on the basis of ‘clinical trials’ for critically ill patients with corona. The news of his first success came in four days. Plasma therapy was performed on a patient admitted to Max Hospital at Saket in the capital with corona infection. He is much healthier now.

Hospital authorities announced on Monday that plasma therapy had yielded positive results. The ventilator was removed from the sarcophagus and the patient was placed in a normal bed. The man was diagnosed positive on April 7, according to Hashtapas sources. On April 7, the patient was placed on ventilator support due to severe breathing problems. Max's physicians said the man was hospitalized with fever and shortness of breath. Pneumonia was diagnosed with Type-1 Respiratory Failure in the test. In the meantime, the physicians confirmed that the patient was suffering from coronary disease. A statement from Max Hospital authorities said they first performed experimental plasma therapy on a corona patient. The authorities took this decision for the sake of humanity. This is the first plasma therapy in any Delhi hospital. It is learned that the patient suffering from corona in Delhi is 49 years old.

Last Thursday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that Delhi was going to 'plasma therapy' for corona sufferers on the basis of clinical trials. However, not for all infected. He said that only the patients in crisis would get the opportunity for this therapy. Kejri said that day, permission has been sought from the Center. They will start treatment in this way in two-three days as soon as the green signal comes. Delhi Chief Minister also said that plasma therapy will be done to the critical patients who are in ventilator support. He will need a clearance from the Drug Controller of India.

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Plasma therapy is nothing new in medical science though. A centuries-old method of effective treatment. There have been successes in applying this method multiple times in the past. Iran recently announced that they have been able to reduce coronary mortality through plasma therapy. I have visited Iran and now many countries in the world, including the United States, have started plasma therapy. In a nutshell, plasma therapy is the transfer of plasma or plasma. With the plasma of a person recovering completely from corona, it is injected into the body of another infected patient. It kills the infected person's antibodies and helps him to recover. A person will be kept in isolation for 14 days after he recovers from the corona. It will be tested more than once. If the result is negative, his plasma can be taken.

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