In India, under the pressure of Christians, the image of Mother India was covered up, and there was widespread outrage among Hindu organizations.


BanglaHunt Desk: Muthu Kumar, a daily wage earner, erected a statue of Mother India near a temple. However, citing complaints from Christians living in the locality, the police asked Kumar to remove the idol. And after the dispute escalated, the police covered the idol to handle the situation. In a letter to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, the BJP leaders requested him to immediately restore the honor and dignity of Mother India. Sought intervention. Many have reacted strongly to the incident.

Informed in written letter

The letter read: “We Hindus and Christians are all human beings. All the children of Mother India must be united and those who are trying to divide us must be defeated. The letter said, “Mother India is a reflection of faith and our devotion to India, which inspired millions of revolutionaries during the freedom struggle.”

This has been strongly condemned

Both the leaders called upon Chief Minister Kumar to help maintain the status of Mother India. They requested him to punish the concerned police officers severely.