In Jharkhand, three women were stripped naked and a mad mob roamed the village!


Bangla Hunt Desk: One after another stories of violence against women have surfaced across the country, raising big questions about women's protection. This time the case is coming from Congress-ruled Jharkhand. There are allegations of three women and a man being stripped naked and moving around the village. According to reports, the mob first beat three women and a man, accusing them of practicing witchcraft. Then they were stripped naked and taken to the village.

The incident took place in Garhawa district of Jharkhand. There, three women and a man were stripped naked and slandered by witches. Police arrested the two accused after the tragic incident came to light. The rest are still elusive. According to reports, the tragic incident took place around 10 pm on Thursday. The police reached the spot as soon as they heard the news of the massacre.

After the police reached the spot, the angry crowd started fleeing. Police arrested two accused from that crowd. It is learned that a search operation is being conducted for the rest. The police protected the victims from the frantic crowd and provided them with clothing. Police have promised to take strict action against those involved in the incident.

According to the locals, a resident of the village suddenly fell ill, and from this they became suspicious of the three women and another man. They complained that. They used to do witchcraft and black magic. And because of this one by one the villagers fell ill. The three women and the man were the first to be attacked by the sick family. Then one by one the villagers also got angry against them.