In just ten days, Neymar's mother broke off her love affair with a young man younger than her son.


The mother of Brazilian star footballer Neymar fell in love with a boy younger than her son. But the honey broke in just 10 days, this love relationship broke only when the age of the relationship was only ten days. The mother of the famous Brazilian footballer Neymar is 52 at the moment, the young man she fell in love with is Thiago Ramos, 22. That means Ramos, Neymar's mother's boyfriend, is six years younger than his son.

Ramos is a model and gamer by profession. And the mother of the Brazilian star footballer Neymar, who fell in love with Ramos, their relationship fell apart. But their sweet relationship did not last long. It is learned that Neymar's mother Nadine herself broke off their relationship after hearing about her son Neymar. Note that Ramos is a big fan of Neymar.

Neymar himself wrote on various social media after learning about his mother's relationship that I am very happy mom, it's good to see you newly involved. But it was Neymar who put pressure on his mother to end the relationship. The reason given is that Ramos, the boyfriend of Neymar's mother, had been in a relationship with several men before he had a relationship with a gay Neymar's mother. He even had a relationship with Neymar's personal cook. And after learning all this, Neymar kept pressuring his mother to get out of the relationship, which finally came to an end.