In Kerala, with the help of IRCTC, whole street food is being provided to the workers as they return home.


Bengali Hunt Desk: The central government has allowed migrant workers stranded in various states of the country to return home during the lockdown. After this permission, about 6,000 workers from Kerala are returning to their homes in Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and West Bengal. In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, the government and the administration are taking utmost care to maintain social distance. The workers are being brought to the railway station by bus. They are also undergoing medical examination twice.

District Magistrate Gopalakrishnan said all the workers were being given three packets of masks, soap and food. IRCTC is also providing food to them. That is why the Kerala government has spoken to the IRCTC separately. In addition, about 20 railway officials are being sent by train, and the decision has been taken to comply with the guidelines on corona and lockdown.

However, the workers will have to pay the train fare themselves on this trip. Many do not have money, so they borrow money from others and return home. And many are facing problems due to lack of money.

Raju Mandal, a migrant worker, said he had asked his family for money for tickets. “I didn't have the money to buy a ticket,” he said. I called my father and asked for money. Whatever I earned by working, I would send it home. I am the only earner in my family. ”

Another migrant worker said he had asked his wife for money for a train ticket back home. He said that my wife saved some money from what I used to earn and send home. And from there I was sent the ticket price.