In ‘Lagaan’ she made headlines by becoming a fair mam, after 22 years where is the actress of Aamir Khan’s film, know


In 'Lagaan' she made headlines by becoming a fair mam, after 22 years where is the actress of Aamir Khan's film, know

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Aamir Khan Movie Lagaan Gori Mam: came in the year 2001 Aamir Khan Everyone has seen the movie Lagaan. The same film in which there is a cricket match between Indians and British in lieu of Lagaan. Aamir’s opposite actress Gracy Singh was seen in the film. Apart from both, many other actors were seen in the film, all of whom were liked by the audience.

There was also a character in Lagaan, Ghori Mam, who was British, but she had a very good friendship with Bhuvan i.e. Aamir. She also used to support Bhuvan. The character of Ghori Mam also got a lot of popularity. But do you know who was the actress who played this role and where is she now.

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This actress became Ghori Mam

The actress who plays the role of British girl i.e. Ghori Mam in the film is really British. This character was played by Uki’s actress and model Rachael Shailee, who is a popular actress. Lagaan was his first Bollywood film and through the first film itself, he gained a lot of popularity in India. After this film, she was not seen in any other Hindi film.

where is gori mam now

Ghori Mam may not have appeared in any other Indian film after Lagaan, but according to reports she is still active in her country. Apart from being an actor and model, he is also a writer. It has been 22 years since Lagaan was released. At the same time, Rachel is now 53 years old.

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Rachel still looks gorgeous

Even though Rachel’s age is 53 years, but Rachel looks very beautiful even at this age. Different pictures of him keep appearing on social media. However, he has worked in films and series such as The El World and The Bone Snatcher.

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