In lockdown, Jio's gift to the countrymen increased the validity of the plan till April 7


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown is taking place across the country, without which all shops or shops in the country are closed without emergency services. As a result many people could not recharge. This time the plan is valid but the phone will continue. Relince Jio has decided to extend the duration of each prepaid plan by April 7. Geo is also providing additional 5 minutes talktime and 5 SMS total.

In addition, in the case of lockdown, many have to work at home, internet is also one of the main means of entertainment during the house arrest. But limited data plans often do not make it possible to handle all day work or entertainment. Geo, the country's largest telecom company, has come forward to overcome this problem. They have come up with one plan after another. The ones that will keep you connected to the world this time through the Internet Find out the 5 best plans of GO at this time.

Recharge from the ATM
The Geo recently informed that from now on, ATMs can be recharged with prepaid plans. In this case you do not need any OTP, let us know how to recharge
১. The debit card should be inserted at the ATM
2. Select the Recharge option
৩. Enter your Geo number
৪. Now click on the enter option
৫. Check your Geo's phone number on the ATM machine and phone

Double Data in 3G Voucher
Telecom company Reliance Jio is going to offer more benefits to users at lower prices to help employees stay home. 4G data voucher has almost doubled the amount of data. It has been decided to give double data on data vouchers worth Rs 11, 21, 51, 101.

Users are being given 800 MB of data on 11 data vouchers. 21 GB of data voucher offering 2GB of data and 200 live FUP minutes. Users are given 6 GB of data and 500 live FUP minutes on 51 Taka Data voucher.101 Taka Data voucher is providing 12 GB data and 1000 live FUP minutes.

Work from home plan
Reliance Jio brings a great work from home plan for the benefit of sitting at home in Lockdown. The plan will provide 2GB of data per day for 251 rupees, which is valid for 51 days. Only the Internet will be available on this plan. No calling or SMS will be available.

Double Data for Geo Fiber Customers –
Recently Geo launched this Geo Fiber shortly before. Currently, Geo Fiber customers will get twice the data on offer. Customers will get up to 500 GB of additional data.

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