In order to attract Hindu votes in America, Kamala Harris's nephew is promoting Mother Durga's picture in Photoshop!

Bangla Hunt Desk: Meena Harris, the nephew of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, has shared a poster on Twitter distorting a picture of mother Durga. In that poster, he wanted to show Kamala Harris as mother Durga. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been portrayed as a lion.

Not only that, the film shows Kamala Harris as Durga to suppress US President Donald Trump. The picture shows Trump as Mahishasur. Meena tweeted, “I am really speechless, the first day of Navratri was bright.”

However, after this tweet, many people have sharply criticized Meena Harris. Many have asked whether Meena has the power to post distorted pictures of Prophet Mohammad in such a way. The whole world has seen what a young man did to a school teacher in France recently by showing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

In a tweet, Kamala Harris, the US Vice Presidential candidate, wished American Hindus a happy Navratri. However, Meena Harris has been forced to delete her tweet due to the anger of netizens on social media.