In the corona atmosphere, the doctor is 'Durgatinashini', the picture is very viral

viral photo: Doctors have been fighting corona infection in the country since the beginning. The white-clad gods fought against the epidemic and brought back millions of lives. Corona abhe so they are miserable. Recently, such a picture of a female doctor with ten handfuls of medical equipment is viral.

Mother Durga is ten-armed. With ten hands he fights against the evil forces. She is the destroyer of misfortune because she protects the child from misfortune. Doctors and health workers have forgotten to eat nava against corona asura for the last few months. They did not back down even after seeing the deaths of their colleagues in one infection after another.

Pictures of those weary Corona fighters have repeatedly gone viral on social media. But this time the picture of Art's service in nine hands is viral on social media. Doctors will be busy dealing with the epidemic as the whole country rejoices in the festival. The picture was posted on a Twitter handle called the All India Medical Students Association to convey that message.

This picture was posted to wish Navratri. The picture went viral as soon as it was posted. The picture of this 'doctor avatar' is also circulating on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. In the words of netizens, the doctors are the ones who are the culprits in dealing with the demon. Otherwise, it is not known how many crores of people would have died due to the epidemic.