In the Corona situation, Indian Railways took a big decision, with opposition rising across the country


BanglaHunt Desk: To reduce the risk of corona infection, Indian Railways has taken a big decision regarding the health of its employees. From now on, ticket checking staff like loco pilots and assistant loco pilots will also have to undergo health check-ups from time to time.

Ticket checking staff

According to Indian Railways, railway ticket checking staff above the age of 45 should undergo regular health check-ups. If the health examination is not done, a tough decision may have to be taken by the railways. Protests have already erupted over the directive among railway workers.

So far, there have been rules for regular health check-ups for loco pilots and assistant loco pilots, but there was no such obligation for ticket checking staff. Their health was checked at the time of recruitment. In addition, if any ticket checking staff took long leave due to illness, they had a practice of health check-up.

Already, the All India Railway Men's Federation (AIRF), the National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) and other staff organizations have opposed the order.

The decision has already caused a stir among railway ticket checking staff. They had never been instructed to undergo a health check-up in this manner before. Their fear is that their jobs will be affected if the railways do not pass certain standards in health examinations. However, no clear statement was received from the Railways in this regard