In the face of bilateral problems, the Government of India, Prime Minister Modi, Sri Lanka’s letter fell on the table

The Government of India is in a dilemma over the issue of the neighboring country. In fact, the UN Human Rights Commission is considering banning Sri Lankan army generals. The UN Human Rights Commission is seeking the intervention of the International Criminal Court in Sri Lanka to enforce the ban as soon as possible. The Sri Lankan government has approached India to escape the ban.

In fact, the Sri Lankan army is accused of killing many Sri Lankan Tamils ​​in the Sri Lankan Civil War. Sri Lankan Tamils ​​live mainly in the northern part of Sri Lanka. There are allegations that genocide was carried out village after village of Sri Lankan Tamils ​​in the Civil War.

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Why was the Civil War?

In fact, it was alleged that Sri Lankan Tamils ​​were deprived of all opportunities. Gradually this resentment reached such a point that a whole army of Sri Lankan Tamils ​​called LTT was formed. Who demanded the division of North Sri Lanka as a separate country. It was on this issue that the war between the LTT and the Sri Lankan Army began. After the situation was brought under control with the help of India, it was alleged that the Sri Lankan Army killed millions of Sri Lankan Tamils ​​as planned.

And now the Tamil nation around the world has raised its voice to get justice on this issue. After that, the Human Rights Commission is reportedly pushing for a ban on Sri Lankan army generals. Sri Lanka has written to the Indian government seeking help to save itself from the ban. However, it is doubtful whether India will side with Sri Lanka on this issue.

The reason for this is that if India openly sided with Sri Lanka, the Tamils ​​of India could express their resentment towards the Central Government. Note that if India takes Sri Lanka’s side on this issue, Sri Lanka will be able to escape the ban. India is a member of the UN Human Rights Commission, and by using this position India can easily get Sri Lanka out of trouble.