In the hospital in Spain, doctors nurses recited Om mantra, expressing pride to Indians

BanglaHunt Desk: India is spreading the disease due to corona virus (COVID-19). Since the Corona virus is spreading by touch, foreigners have been seen earlier in hand to greet their hands instead of hands. In keeping with the Indian tradition, the hands are bowed and bowed, with no attachment to the other. Therefore, all the developed countries of the world adopted this approach. And now, again, following the Indian tradition, chanting the Hindu mantra was seen in Spain, the developed country of Europe. Doctors and hospital staff were seen chanting 'Om mantra'.

Although the first origin in China's Wuhan province, the deadly coronary virus has spread beyond China to almost all countries of the world. Although the situation in China is normal, Italy, Spain and the United States of America have become cities of death. The number of patients is much higher than that of physicians and medical equipment. The place is also very low. The number of patients is increasing at a rapid pace. In Spain, the number of casualties so far is more than 3,000 and the death toll has dropped to 3,000.

The number of patients falling continuously. It's still too late to find the right antidote. In this situation, doctors are trying their best to keep the patients healthy. A video from a Spanish hospital in the country's crisis has recently gone viral on NetDunia. Where the hospital staff and doctors are standing together chanting the Hindu mantra 'Om mantra'. It is said that chanting this mantra will cure many diseases. Therefore, the word 'Om' is used at the beginning of any mantra of Hindus.

Again, in the case of Sikh religion, the prayer of 'Satnam Waheguru' is first to the Sikhs. So in the wish of healing the patients were heard in the hospital of Spain to chant the mantra of 'Satnam Waheguru' and the Hindu mantra 'Om'. And the Indians felt proud even after watching this video from a developing country.

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