In the IPL, the BCCI is under investigation


Bangla Hunt Desk: The IPL has finally started after putting an end to many speculations in the world. This year, the IPL has become very popular in the United Arab Emirates. There have already been several centuries in the IPL. Also, several teams have won by chasing the run record. The millionaire league in Marushahar has become quite frozen with this.

Meanwhile, the black shadow of the average appeared in the IPL. This time, a cricketer playing in the IPL was contacted by the bookies associated with match-fixing and he was offered a match-fixing. But the cricketer did not respond to their offer and immediately informed the anti-corruption wing of the board. This was stated by Ajit Singh, head of the anti-corruption wing of the BCCI.

The BCCI is much tougher on anti-corruption than ever before. Because before the start of the IPL, the BCCI was able to anticipate that this time in the IPL bookies can fall into a big trap. And so the BCCI is much more strict on this issue. Also, every cricketer has been placed in the biological safety zone due to the corona virus. And it is virtually impossible for bookies to meet cricketers by entering this safety zone. That's why the offer was made through social media, the cricketer said. However, the name of the cricketer and the franchise he played for have been kept secret for the sake of investigation.