In the last month and a half, 125 people were buried in the graveyard of Karachi! Is Pakistan in coronas?

Bangla Hunt Desk: Corona virus cases are on the rise every day in Pakistan. Although doctors do not have PPE, masks and gloves, there is a small proportion of cases of coronary infection in the population. So far, more than 4,000 cases have been officially reported in Pakistan. Also 3 people died. This time, there is news coming from Karachi, Pakistan, which is raising a lot of questions about the Imran Khan Government of Pakistan. In the last 5 days, 1,823 bodies have been buried in the graveyard of Karachi city.

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According to The Tribune, the Karachi administration issued the figures on Thursday. Earlier, news was published in Pakistani media that a large number of deaths were reported in Karachi hospital due to coronas, but the administration is trying to suppress the incident. Although the Imran Khan Government rejected this claim. The Tribune spoke to the authorities about the thousands of people buried in Karachi, but they could not find out what caused such a death.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has issued information on the burial of 120 people. According to the report, 1 bodies were buried in District Central, 1 in Jasinabad, 20 in Shakhi Hassan, 3 in Al Noor, 1 in Mohammad Shah Cemetery, 3 in Gosdar Baba Cemetery. According to this information, 5,900 patients were taken to the emergency hospital of Karachi at the beginning of the year. Of those, 120 died immediately. The case for burial in the grave site is directly linked to the government hospital in Karachi. But how many of them were coronary is not yet known.

Indonesia, Malaysia and India have also lent their finger to the Tabligh church for the spread of Corona in Pakistan. On Friday, Corona Positive was found among 123 Tablig members. Corona has also been found in more than 3 tabulig members in Punjab. Tabligh Jamaatis organized the march even after the government ban.

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