In the lockdown, he cooked egg soup with his own hands and gave the message of staying healthy.


Banglahunt Desk: The Great Khali, the real name is Dalis Singh Rana. But people know him better by the name of Dadhya Great. No one can easily forget the man who is 8 feet tall and wide. There is no end to the pride of Indians in him. Many people remember his fierce battle against the popular wrestler Undertaker. The title of WWE Champion came to India for the first time with his hand.

However, this time Khali was seen in a completely different incarnation, not in a wrestling match. He cooked egg soup in the whole Indian style. This is what was seen in a video. He cooked about a dozen egg soups by himself. This video is now viral on social media.
At the end of the video, he also advised people to stay at home to deal with Corona.

According to Khali, it is possible to fight and win this epidemic collectively. If everyone takes some precautions, the corona will move away. Everyone should now abide by the lockdown as directed by the administration. Khali also thanked the organizations that came forward to deal with Corona. He said many people have extended a helping hand to the poor and helpless people in this difficult situation. He thanked them for delivering the aid to the right place at the right time

Not only that, Khali also thanked the police, doctors and health workers who are fighting for the common man at the risk of their lives.

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