In the lockdown, the transgender community came forward with the help of themselves as well as helpless people


Lots of people are fighting to the death right now. And the only weapon to fight for survival is social distance. Morning and morning are not like the night is shunsana. The road is unmanned. I don't know when people will get free life by breaking this curse. No one thinks that one day he will have to sit at home and die lazily for fear of death like this, or no one thinks that such a beautiful world will come to an end one day. Corona has changed the life of every human being. And in this condition all human beings are terrified.

Now many from actors to ministers are helping the common and poor people of the country. The hijra community living in Chennai and other parts of the state in Tamil Nadu are also helping the common people. Even in these difficult times, they have come forward with the help of almost two thousand transgender people. General Jaya of the LGBTIQ Brotherhood said,

“Our community has no savings.” We don’t think too much about our future needs. However, due to the lockdown, all income opportunities have been cut off and now we cannot take anything as bail from anyone. But we are helping people. ”

The LGBTQ community has distributed about three hundred bags across the city. Which included important things like rice, oil, sugar, lentils and soap. Many corporations, good thinkers and NGOs have come forward to help us in this difficult time.