In the middle of the street, a group of girls are arguing, watching the video, laughing and looting


Bangla Hunt Desk: Recently, a viral video went viral showing several middle-aged women pulling their hair in the middle of the street. It was not possible for us to know exactly where the viral video was, but it is clear from the video that the incident took place recently and may have taken place in an area of ​​Delhi. However, we are not sure that the incident took place in Delhi. But seeing the masks on the faces of more people on the streets makes it clear that the incident happened recently.

The viral video shows five or six young women arguing with each other. However, it was not clear what the quarrel was about. In the video, the young women are pulling each other's hair. And because of this quarrel, a bike standing next to them fell on the road. However, their quarrel did not stop. Again, a young woman is giving instructions on how to kill while making a video.

Seeing this incident of the girls, everyone around stood up. But they did not dare to go in front of them and stop the quarrel. And his main reason is that men are trapped instead of trying to stop women. However, in the video, the men standing next to her are repeatedly talking about stopping the girls. Although they did not listen at first, they stopped at the words of the people around them.

Everyone is laughing and watching this viral video on social media. Everyone is also submitting their comments after seeing the girls' actions. However, most people are jokingly commenting.