In the outraged mood, the Trump administration administers war training in China's surrounding areas

BanglaHunt Desk: America is showing its strength against China this time in the transmission of the Corona virus (COVID-19). European Air Force and Navy are showing their strength against Japan's adjacent Guam airport, US Air Force bomber aircraft, air carriers and warships China. They have been doing this in China, Taiwan, and Japan. As a result, the United States messaged China to be ready for war under any circumstances.

When an Air Force realizes that an enemy country is about to attack them, the Air Force offers a training to its fighters. So that they can attack the enemy side quickly. This type of war is called the Elephant Walk. Currently, the United States is strengthening itself in its aggressive strategy against China, centered on the Corona virus.

On Monday, the US Air Force and the Navy were carrying out dozens of aircraft training at their Anderson Air Force Base. Guam Airport is under US Pacific Command, about 5 miles from East China. US troops displayed RQ Global Hawk drones, five B-12 bomber aircraft and aircraft tankers there.

China had previously tried to intimidate Taiwan by sending airplanes and warplanes to Taiwan. In view of the incident, Taiwan's defense ministry said that Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and four other warships first entered Taiwan via Japan's Miyako Street. China never speaks out of its enemy country. Always looking forward to change. China has taken this opportunity many times before. And now Corona is finding that opportunity through the virus.

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