In the protection of India, Kshatriyas give birth to more and more children: Sadhvi Pragya


Banglahant Desk: BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has once again made headlines for a controversial remark. He said in a speech at a function that population control laws should never be kept for Kshatriyas. This law should be applied only to those who are involved in anti-national activities.

MP Sadhvi Pragya Singh Tagore said Kshatriyas play an important role in the protection of the nation. So if the population control law is implemented in their case, their number will decrease. This nation must be protected so that their lineage does not end. So create an army with the birth of this nation and engage it in the service of the country.

Attacking former CM Digvijay Singh without naming him, he said those who insult the country, insult Hinduism, call themselves terrorists can never be kings, nor can they be Kshatriyas. He added, “Calling a Kshatriya a Kshatriya does not make you angry. There is nothing wrong with calling a Vaishya a Vaishya, but calling a Shudra a Shudra is a bad thing.”

In the context of the peasant movement, he said, it is not just the peasants here. Anti-country people, leftists and members of Congress are hiding in this movement in the guise of peasants. Provoking against the center.

He then attacked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, saying, “She has gone mad. Towards the end of his time. He understood that BJP and Hindu rule was coming to Bengal. Bengal is a unified part of India. The BJP will never allow Bengal to be separated from itself.