In the same house, people of two religions are praying for the message of love


BanglaHunt Desk: Salman Khan has been very active on social media like many others in house arrest. He is currently staying in their gardens at Panvel in Mumbai. The actor has been in the garden since the start of the first round of lockdown. Except for father Selim Khan and brother Sohail Khan, the family is all there.

Salomon is occasionally requested to comply with the lockdown rules on social media. And this time he gave a message of love in this difficult situation. Salman recently shared a picture on his Instagram handle. There, people of two religions sit praying on the two floors of the same house. One is bowing to God with one hand and the other is praying.

In the photo caption, Solomon wrote, 'Creating an illustration'. Netizens naturally praised Solomon for delivering such unity and harmony in this difficult situation.

Earlier, sharing the photos of the empty mosque and closed cemetery, the actor wrote, 'Thank you for understanding the situation in the country right now. God bless all, save '. Needless to say, that post also went viral.

In fact, Salomon finds genuine love in the garden at Lockdown. Now she's an actor's horse. He is spending time with horses these days. And the actor shares his photos on his Insta handle.

In fact, the media was spending almost all of its time on social media after being detained at Panvel's house. Sleep what else

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