In the second phase of the lockdown, unemployed workers are in danger of getting paid


Banglahunt Desk: Migrant labor is again in trouble with Surat. In Delhi a few days ago, several thousand workers gathered at the bus stand to return home. Under the government's initiative, arrangements were made for some of them to return home and provide food to some. Again, some very experienced workers had recently gathered at the railway station in Bandra, Mumbai. Those who had problems with eating and returning home. And became involved in a confrontation with the police.

This picture was seen in Surat, Gujarat. The second phase of lockdown in India has been extended till May 3rd to deal with the Corona situation. The traffic is closed again. Under these circumstances, the workers again felt the danger. Several workers have come together this time in the Pandesara area of ​​Surat, Gujarat. Their claim is that the owners are not paying their wages in this crisis.

The government has been repeatedly told this time so that no worker's salary is deducted. All workers should be paid during this crisis. At this time, all the workers should be paid the wages of the workers by giving importance to humanity. But the owners of those workers, without obeying this rule, are not paying any salary to them. So they were forced to protest.

Police arrived at the scene and brought the situation under control. The affected workers came to the factory in Surat for work from UP, Bihar and Orissa. But they come here and get stuck. At present, the lockdown was extended because their owners refused to pay them. They have problems with eating and therefore want to return home. The police handle the situation by explaining to the workers. Currently, the administration is providing food for them with the help of many NGOs.

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