In the video, thousands of people took to the streets in Pakistan demanding ration! Imran Khan on the danger of panic

Bangla Hunt Desk: What Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan feared was happening in Pakistan. Lockdown called for preventing coronavirus has become frightening in the days ahead. People from poor communities, deprived of government aid, are now taking to the streets to protest in places across the country. The lockdown is failing completely as more people gather at the exhibit.

According to a Pakistani media report, large numbers of people have reached the governor's house in Lahore, the capital of Punjab. All of them are poor people, and many of them are women. They say that now it has become difficult to burn wool in their home and they are spending days in hunger.

Demonstrators are shouting slogans against the government and trying to enter the Punjab Governor's House. Demonstrators say that loudspeakers are circulating in the city places for free ration at the Governor's House. And this work has started from eight in the morning, so they have been in line since six in the morning.

Poor people protest outside governor house on lahore not getting food and ration

They say they have been asked to leave after being in line for a long time. And it has been said that the ration will be given outside the police station. After spending days on empty stomachs, when they were told that they would be given from the ration police station, their anger increased. Then they started slogging in front of the Governor's House. Later, the police applied the force and drove them away.

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