In the wake of the lockdown, the gold-plated dream barman handed over food items to the family of 3-day laborer.


He used to eat properly at one time, so he understood the appetite of the poor. That is why, this time, the day spent without eating coroner's food, they put food in the mouth of the laborers to win gold in Asia. He once had to wait all day for a handful of rice. He was traveling to different parts of Jalpaiguri.

Swapna Barman said that once a handful of rice would have to wait all day for me, my father used to take rickshaws throughout the night to buy two cups of rice. That is why I understand the irritation of the stomach of the poor, and at this moment I am standing beside those who are not collecting the daily food of the laborers, handing them food to them.

Right now, Jalpaiguri's Patakata colony's Ghosh is spending his days in a house locked house in his house. She said at the moment I am not going out of the house at all due to house arrest so I spend a lot of time with my family, sometimes playing with the kids at home. I am practicing my body from home as much as possible, as well as doing regular exercise so that my weight does not increase in any way, as well as the dream barman requested the countrymen “All stay home, stay healthy.”

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