In the war effort, the river has been revived, 5 ponds, many villages have been free of crisis


Ramnakant Tayagi, a resident of Puthi village in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, initially worked for a living after finishing his studies, but he did not like that life. While working in Mira, he was introduced to social worker Ramanakanti Anil Rana. And Anil left a good teacher job and got involved in social work and water conservation work.

“The situation at home was such that two of our brothers had to leave our village for work. We got a job in Mira and started living there. I was working there but my mind wasn't there, I had to do something else. At first he refused to agree that you were still small and I could not pay you any money. However I wanted to work with him without any money. My brother also supported me in my decision. “And then work began. I read all the books or research papers on water sources, river ponds, rainwater harvesting, etc.”

After that, they started wandering in different rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. During this time he studied the Kali River and the Hindon River. After Anil Ratan died he started working on his own. Seeing his work on water sources, he had the opportunity to attend the “Water Forum” in Istanbul in the 21st.

Even after the water level was reduced in many places, many rivers started to dry up. When Romonkant repeatedly found that level, the source of the river, he found that people were using that water in the surrounding land.

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