In this scheme, the money is doubled in a few years, the Government of India is guaranteeing

Looking for a way to save money at a reasonable interest rate in this expensive market? Then there is a fancy scheme for you. In addition to doubling the money in a few years, there is no chance of being cheated if you keep money in this scheme. Because the Government of India is guaranteeing this scheme

At the moment, the post office is paying better interest on the money than the bank. One of the great schemes for investing in post office is 'Kishan Vikash Patra Scheme'. You can start this scheme with only 1 thousand rupees. Let's not know the details of this scheme

1. You must be at least 18 years old to deposit money in this scheme.
2. You can open any single or joint account. There is also the advantage of having a nominee.
3. The money will double in only 124 months i.e. 10 years and 2 months.
4. The interest rate on this scheme is 7.9 per cent which is much higher than some banks.
5. Even if the scheme starts from Tk 1,000, PAN card is mandatory to invest more than Tk 50,000. If you want to invest more than 10 lakh, you have to submit proof of income.
. Since the post office is official, there is no chance of cheating with you. You can safely keep money in this scheme.