In two days, Baloch rebels killed 10 Pakistani soldiers

BANGLADESH DESK: Ten Pakistani soldiers have been killed in two separate militant attacks on the outskirts of Pakistan's Balochistan province. This information was given in an official statement issued on Tuesday. The IED exploded on a Frontier Corps vehicle in the Pir Ghaib area on Monday night, according to ISPR, the Pakistan Army's media department. In two days, Baloch rebels killed 10 Pakistani soldiers.

Another incident in the Ketch area of ​​Balochistan killed another Pakistani soldier in an encounter with Baloch rebels. The militants attacked the Pakistani army while they were barbing the border. Let me tell you, Balochistan is on the southwestern border of Pakistan and next to it is the Afghanistan border. Balochistan is the largest and poorest part of Pakistan. There, Baloch rebels occasionally attacked the Pak army.

Note that no such information has been found so far in this case. But occasionally, the Baloch rebels targeted the Pakistani army in the area. This is not the first case, there have been many such cases before. Incidentally, Pakistan's border is next to Afghanistan and Iran. In two days, Baloch rebels killed 10 Pakistani soldiers.

Recently there was talk of opening the border after easing the lockdown. And that is why the Pak army is working to install barbed wire there. At that time the Baloch rebels attacked and killed the Pak soldiers.