Incredible! Monkey trying to steal a child by pressing a toy bicycle, a viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: We are all familiar with the incidents of kidnapping. News of the abduction of young children in particular occasionally makes headlines. Not only in real life, but also in stories and novels, cases of child abduction have come up many times.

But have you ever heard of a strange abduction where a monkey is stealing a baby? It may seem unrealistic to hear, but it has actually happened, the video of which is now viral on social media. The video shows several peers sitting on a bench in the street talking. Suddenly a monkey was seen speeding on a toy bicycle from a distance.

When he came in front of the children, he suddenly got off his bicycle and pushed a child into the street. Then the baby was dragged away. The child was shocked by the suddenness of the incident. Seeing the incident, the people present in the street came running and shouted. That's when the monkey dropped the baby and started running.

Retired basketball player Rex Chapman has shared the video on his Twitter handle. “I don't remember the last time I saw a monkey stealing a baby on a bicycle,” he wrote in the caption. As soon as it is shared, it goes viral.

Netizens were also surprised to see the monkey. Everyone has admitted that they have never seen such a strange thing before. Another person wrote in his own words, it looks like the monkey was chained. Somehow he gets out and attacks the child. At that moment, the owner of the monkey grabbed the chain and pulled the baby with him.