Incredible, the housekeeping job will get a salary of 16.5 lakh! Find out who gave this notice

At the moment, the price of things is skyrocketing. But at the same time the salary is not increasing. Many people are angry about that. But if I tell you, a little housekeeping job can get a salary of 16.5 lakh rupees? You might think I'm lying. But in fact, the British royal family has announced such a job.

The British Royal Family is looking for a housemaid. The job advertisement has been posted on the official website of The Royal Housing. According to the post, this is a second tier apprenticeship job, for which the selected candidate must be at Windsor Castle.

In addition to the salary of 16.5 lakh, you have to work only 5 days a week. The palace authorities will also arrange your stay. Food will be provided. Travel expenses will also match. In addition to the weekly holidays, there are 33 holidays every year. It has been informed that the selected candidate will have to clean various parts of the palace.

The selected candidate will be transferred to other residences of the royal family throughout the year, including Buckingham Palace. However, job seekers must also be qualified in English and Mathematics. However, the post reads, “If you are successful, if you do not already have these qualifications at the required level, we will support you to achieve them as part of the apprenticeship.”

The convenience of eating in a palace with a good salary. All in all the job but quite interesting