India also helps 85 countries in corona epidemic, strategy formulated with BRICS countries


Banglahunt Desk: India's role in the corona virus (COVID-19) crisis has attracted other countries to India. During this time, India has sent medical supplies to 85 countries around the world. The issue has been discussed with Indian Foreign Minister S Jayashankar through video conferencing with foreign ministers of other countries.

At present, India as well as various countries including SAARC are helping different countries including Africa. Through this video conference, the Indian Foreign Minister assured all possible assistance to other countries. “The epidemic has not only hit people's lives, it has hit the economy,” he said. The crisis has also affected people's livelihoods and finances. That's why we need to help ease the business crisis. “

In this video conference, discussions have been held with different countries on the prevention of epidemics and strengthening the economic aspect. The meeting was also attended by the Foreign Minister of China, the Foreign Minister of Russia and the Foreign Minister of Brazil. The meeting was also attended by India and South Africa. The BRICS account for 3.6 per cent of the country's production and Rs 16.7 lakh crore in foreign GDP.

In this crisis, the economic systems of many countries of the world have become weak. This video conference has played a very important role in giving confidence to all the countries in this situation.