India and Pakistan clashed again over the Asia Cup schedule.


The India-Pakistan conflict came to the fore once again. This time the India-Pakistan conflict started once again with cricket at the center. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that the Asia Cup schedule will not be changed in any way for the IPL.

The IPL has been postponed indefinitely at the moment due to the corona virus. On the other hand, the Asia Cup is in September. It is being speculated from various quarters that if the IPL is not held this year, the Indian Cricket Board will have to face huge financial losses. That is why BCCI is desperate to play IPL in any way. The BCCI has already discussed this with the ICC. The BCCI has demanded a change in the ICC schedule. The ICC initially agreed to the BCCI's demand. And then the Pakistan Cricket Board was seen entering the field in a war mood.

“We are still in the same position we were in before,” Wasim Khan, CEO of the Pakistan Cricket Board, told the newspaper. We have heard that there is talk of postponing the Asia Cup for the IPL but if it is done then we will not have any support at all. There is no way to postpone the Asia Cup for the IPL. The Asia Cup may be postponed considering the health and the current situation, but we will never accept the postponement of the Asia Cup to make room for the IPL.