India announces কোটি 500 million investment in Maldives' most important project


Bangla Hunt Desk: India will provide a loan of কোটি 400 million and a grant of কোটি 100 million to plan important relations between the Maldives and the Maldives. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar discussed the issue with Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid on Thursday. The 7.8-km Greater Male Connectivity Project will be the largest civic infrastructure project in the three neighboring islands of the Maldives, officials said. The project will bring together Vingligili, Gulhikahu and Thilafusi.

GMCP experts said it was the main election promise of the ruling MDP. And to fulfill this promise, the President of the Maldives, Ibrahim Mohammed Solih, met with the Indian Foreign Minister in September last year. India wants help from Jayashankar.

Jayashankar tweeted, ‘India will provide financial assistance to Maldives to implement the Greater Male Connectivity Project. India will lend কোটি 400 million to the Maldives and provide অনু 100 million in grants. It is a 7.8 km bridge project that will connect the port of Gulhifahu and the Thilafusi commercial area. The fruits of this project will further improve the financial system of the Maldives. And the country will move forward. ”

He also announced the launch of regular cargo services between India and the Maldives. As a result, trade between the two countries will be more dynamic. “We are going to start an air bubble with the Maldives,” he said. This will further enhance the relationship and sincerity between the people of the two countries. ”