India builds emergency hawaii strip along border to subdue China, loads of Bofors and artillery guns brought to Ladakh


Bengali Hunt Desk: Tensions have been running high between India and China over the past month at the Ladakh border. Negotiations are underway between the two countries to resolve this issue. But India is not willing to give up any more. And for this reason, India is ready from all sides to deal with the situation. India is rapidly building an airstrip along the Ladakh border. India has also deployed Bofors and artillery at the border.

India is building an emergency airstrip on NH-44 near Anantnag. India is preparing to make it easier for warplanes and other aircraft to land in case of any emergency.

Note that besides LAC, China has also made some preparations. The supply of tools has been increased there. On the other hand, India has sent about 70 Bofors artillery guns to the forward position next to Ladakh. The Indian military has said it wants to end the dispute with China, but will not tolerate any Chinese threats and is ready to deal with any situation.

The airstrip is being built by the Air Force along the NH-44 in south Kashmir. The length of this airstrip is about three km. India had started construction of the airstrip about two days ago due to tensions with China. Special orders have been taken from the district administration to start construction work in the lockdown.

Let me tell you, from the beginning of May, the armies of India and China came face to face in Ladakh. There were also clashes between the soldiers of the two countries. China then increased the number of troops in the area. On the other hand, India is also stubborn. India also deployed large numbers of troops along the border to deal with China.

However, according to the latest reports, the Chinese army retreated two kilometers from the Ladakh border.