India deprived of 4 runs for 4 runs due to umpire’s wrong decision, commentators also criticized


Bangla Hunt Desk: The second ODI between India and England is being played at the Maharashtra Cricket Association ground in Pune. And a strange thing happened in this match. Rishav Panth’s bat hit the ball and went to the boundary line. Despite the ball being four, India did not get a run for ICC rules.

The incident of the 39th over of India’s innings. Rishabh Panth was batting at the crease at that time. England’s Tom Caron was bowling. The England cricketers strongly appealed to the umpire for an out, even though the ball from Tom Karan hit Rishabh Panth’s bat. Responding to their request, the umpire gave out but immediately Rishabh Panth took the review. The review shows that the ball hit the bat. The umpire’s decision to dismiss was overturned. The ball went to the boundary line by then, but according to ICC rules, the ball was declared a death ball and Team India was deprived of four runs.

Commentators were also surprised to see India deprived of runs for such a strange rule. They also could not be happier seeing such strange rules of ICC. However, Rishabh Panth made up for that run. In his next over, Panth hit two sixes in a row to Ben Stokes to make up for the run in the previous over. India scored 336 runs in 50 overs in this match.