India e-market app has been launched to compete with foreign apps in online shopping


The online platform Bharat e Market (Bharat e Market) app has been launched for online shopping. In fact, the craze for online shopping is on the rise in India. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. In view of this, the Government of India has now launched a new domestic app for online shopping.

Whose name is Bharat e-Market (Bharat e Market) app. Thus, users no longer have to rely on portals of foreign companies for shopping. Experts say that this new app from India will become another big competitor to applications like Amazon and Flipkart. Besides, customers will also get a new and bigger platform.

According to an all-India media report, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), an association of Indian traders over the age of eight, has launched the vendor’s mobile application ‘Bharat e-Market’ in Delhi.

This app is based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vocal for Local Vision. CAIT claims that seven lakh traders will join the platform by December 2021 and about one crore traders will join the platform by December 2022. Which will take it to the world level.

Here are some essential information about India e-Market –

1. The portal allows Business to Business (Merchant to Merchant or B2B) and Business to Consumer (Merchant to Buyer or B2C) to sell and buy their products.

2. To open an ‘e-shop’ on this portal, each user must first register himself through a mobile app.

3. A good thing is that any information recorded in it will not go to any country other than India, because it is a completely domestic application, so all the data will be in the country and it will not be sold.

4. No foreign funding will be accepted for this platform, meaning there will be no foreign investment of any kind.

5. No seller will be able to sell Chinese products on this portal, meaning Chinese products will not be purchased to encourage domestic traders.

. Its national and international markets will be open to local artisans, craftsmen and small manufacturers and traders spread across the country.

. The best thing for traders is that no commission will be taken for doing business on this portal.