India extends aid to Britain, sends 3 million paracetamol drugs


BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is now fighting against the Corona virus (COVID-19). Health experts around the world use different drugs, trying to protect themselves against the virus. Somewhere along the lines of malaria, AIDS and fever drugs are trying to heal coronary people, and somewhere after being attacked, healthy people are trying to heal a person with a blood plasma. Again, some countries are using paracetamol as a drug for the Corona virus.

Britain is giving paracetamol to people affected by the Corona virus. As a result, the demand for these medicines has increased manifold in Britain. And the quantity of these drugs is decreasing from the UK market. This is why Britain has sought help from India for this drug. For this reason, Britain has sought to buy around 100,000 packets of paracetamol from India. The British government has given the responsibility of exporting paracetamol to Indian pharmaceutical company Parigo.

The Indian government has allowed Parigo to export 5 million packets of paracetamol. These packets are being shipped in a 4-foot-4 container. Once the drugs are reached in Britain, the government will send them to the country's big supermarkets and small traders.

This is not the first time that India has helped a country. Earlier, India had also sent medicines and other medicines to other countries, including the United States. Not only medical supplies, India has also helped various countries by exporting food grains during the crisis. The whole world is now in a horror of Corona, and at this time India is using various countries as a friend.

More than 3 countries sought hydroxy chloroquine drugs from India. However, currently India will send the drug to two countries. Of which America has already received the first part. From then on, other countries will send the drugs to them as needed. When Britain sought help from India during this crisis, India could no longer help them.

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