India has a strong message to Pakistan that Kashmir is shouting in terror


BanglaHunt Desk: The world is now worried about the deadly Corona virus (COVID-19). All countries are looking for ways to get rid of this deadly disease. But in the meantime, one country in the world is still worried about the Corona virus, and is busy nosing about other countries. And this country is Pakistan. The Pakistani government, Imran Khan, is still silent about the Chinese betrayal. The Pakistani government has not yet opened its underwear mask sent from China to Pakistan. On the contrary, Imran Khan claims to be an expert on India.

Imran Khan has repeatedly become a laughing stock to the whole world on various issues. Once again, he is intervening in India and giving his opinion. The Imran government currently enacts a new law for the original residents of Jammu and Kashmir. India strongly condemns the act, saying Pakistan has no right to say anything about Kashmir. Imran repeatedly interrupts India's internal affairs, but this time the Indian government will not accept it.

Imran Khan has been told by the Indian Foreign Ministry that if he is so worried about Jammu and Kashmir, he will have to eliminate terrorism on the Pakistani border and halma against India. Pakistan cannot interfere in the matter of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently, the Indian government issued a new rule in the context of Jammu and Kashmir. People who have been there for more than 3 years will be given citizenship in Jammu and Kashmir. In addition, the students who have been studying there for the last 3 years and those who have taken the examination in the tenth and twelfth grade there, will also get citizenship in this union state. Since the repeal of the clause in Kashmir, there have been many questions about the preservation of the culture there. With this in mind, the Indian government took this step. But the Pakistani government could not accept this new law. So Imran Khan is now offering various comments about India.

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