India has to play an important role in the production of vaccines against the corona virus – France

BanglaHunt Desk: India has been repeatedly praised for its helpful role in the transmission of the corona virus. The whole world is now looking to India for the discovery of the corona vaccine. The ambassador of France has given a big message about the construction and production of corona virus vaccine.

The whole country is looking at India

Despite this epidemic crisis, India has provided all possible assistance to all aid-seeking countries without any discrimination. On the other hand, all the scientists and researchers are also involved in making the corona vaccine. At present, almost all countries in the world are hoping to discover the corona vaccine from India.

Praise of India in the face of France

Emanuel Lennon, Ambassador of France, said that after the discovery of proper treatment for the corona virus, India would play an important role in the production of vaccines and vaccines against the disease. However, if the coronavirus vaccine production is equally shared across the country, the world will benefit greatly. India will play a leading role in the discovery of vaccines and vaccines.

Corona situation in the world

More than 5 million people worldwide are still infected with the deadly virus and more than 342,000 people have died. In India too, the number of corona cases and deaths is slowly increasing.

India is engaged in vaccine development

Globally, India is far ahead in terms of vaccine and vaccine manufacturing. Special teams are involved in this work in different ways. At present, scientists from different countries, including India, are engaged in the work of discovering the antidote to corona individually.

All countries must take part in the work equally

The two-day WHO meeting called on the entire country to work on the discovery of the coronavirus. Among them, India and France are working towards the discovery of the corona vaccine globally. They say we will stand together against Corona.

Praised India

On the eve of the spread of the corona virus, arrangements were being made to fight the virus. India has already exported about 446 million hydroxy chlorquinone and 1.54 billion paracetamol to 133 countries. That is why India has been praised for its use in times of crisis and in terms of McFarthing.