India is attracting world interest, UNSC is demanding more permanent status


BanglaHunt Desk: India (INDIA) has been trying for a long time to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Despite gaining the right to the position, India is still unable to get membership of these parishes. Many countries around the world have also endorsed India for permanent membership of India. But to no avail. But now that the whole world has been affected by the coroner virus, this time India has raised its image to the world with all its might.

India is playing an important role in preventing the spread of corona virus (COVID-19). And also helping various countries in times of crisis. For which India is highly acclaimed at the international level as well. India has been praised by heads of countries around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Israel, Spain and Australia, for combating the Corona virus. US President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nitanyahu has been lauded by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India has also publicly thanked India.

At this time, India's role in gaining permanent membership in the United States Security Council is becoming stronger. India is now looking forward to receiving this membership. At present, this country, with a population of over 120 million, is likely to become the most populous country in the next five years. Due to which there will be no difficulty in getting that member of India.

India is also the second largest economy in the world. India has been talking for several years in the hope of getting a permanent member in the United States Security Council. The central government is making every effort in this regard. India is always beside its neighbors even in times of crisis. India even called on SAARC-involved countries to raise money to avoid the Corona situation. That is why the countries involved in SAARC also form an emergency fund.

The way India stands beside other countries to deal with the Corona virus is very commendable. In this situation, India cannot be terminated in any way by getting a permanent member of the State Security Council.

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