India is constantly increasing its strength, the Indian army has come up with a new tool to wake up the enemy


Banglahant Desk: Multimode hand grenade), Indian army came up with a new tool to wake up the enemy. Which will end the opponent in an instant. The Indian Army is going to get about 1 million of these multimode hand grenades. Due to this, the Ministry of Defense has signed an agreement with Economic Explosives Limited of Nagpur.

The agreement between the Ministry of Defense and Nagpur-based Economic Explosives Limited for these 1 million multimode hand grenades has been completed at a cost of about Tk 4.9 crore. If necessary, this tool will injure the enemy, and if necessary, it will completely destroy. As it is used for multi purpose, it is called multimode hand grenade.

This multimode hand grenade has a cover, which will be opened to destroy the enemy. Without this cover, however, it will only leave the enemy wounded. Cannot exterminate the enemy. The Indian Army will be able to enter their camp by intimidating the enemy with a coverless multimode hand grenade.

The hand grenade, manufactured by Economic Explosives Limited, Nagpur, is being jointly designed by the Ministry of Defense and the development organization. It is known that this is a high quality grenade that can be used to defeat and eliminate the enemy.

Incidentally, every rifle-wielding soldier in the army carries two grenades with him. The type of grenade that is still being used has many problems. So these modern quality grenades can be used in different ways. Enemy China and Pakistan are trembling with fear after seeing this preparation of India.