India is giving hydroxychloroquine to 4 countries, Pakistan is not on the list

India sends hydroxychloroquine drugs to nine countries in Corona crisis, but Pakistan does not have a name. The corona virus infection is spreading rapidly around the world. Countries such as America (US), Italy (Italy), Britain are seen as helpless. In such a situation, India is helping most countries around the world. Necessary drugs and supplies are being sent from India to the big and small countries. Coronary virus will be considered effective in the treatment of infection.

India is transmitting hydroxychloroquine HCQ to malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine HCQ. The number of these countries is 5, but Pakistan is missing in their names. Let us know that India is the largest producer and exporter of HCQ. India, USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, Nigeria, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Seychelles, Oman. , Dominican Republic, Uganda, Egypt, Armenia, Senegal, Algeria, Jamaica, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Netherlands S, Slovenia, Uruguay, Ecuador and other countries.

Coronary virus infection is spreading worldwide. As of Thursday morning, according to official government data worldwide, up to 1,3,000 people have died due to the coroner virus epidemic. Since the first outbreak of the coronary virus epidemic in China in December, more than 20,3,225 cases have been confirmed in nine countries.

At least 1, 5, 5 of these patients are still recovering. Tables prepared by AFP using data from the World Health Organization and national authorities show little difference in the actual number of cases of infection. Many countries are only investigating very serious cases.

At present, the most affected states of Covid-1 in the world are 5,3, 5. At least 5,4 patients were also healed in this country. Italy is the most affected after the US, where 25, 3 out of a total of 1,5,3 infections have died. Then there are the number of cases in Spain, France and Britain.

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