India is no longer seeking China's domination in the Indian market;

BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is spreading all over the world, and China now looks like a good person. Different countries are making money by selling quality medical products. But realizing that many countries are returning it to China again. This time China wants India to regain their old business. That is why they are now taking refuge in deception. The Corona virus in India is not yet infectious. However, if the corona virus is rampant in India, then mask and ventilator crisis will occur in India.

However, India does not want any foreign assistance in dealing with internal problems. When the Kerala flood situation arose, India refused to seek Arab help. And despite this, China is quick to export its products to India through a new approach. China sought to export their products to India through the Red Cross Society of China with the help of the Red Cross Society of India. And with that, China wanted to show that he was with them in India's misery.

China wants behind these good people, the lockdown situation in India will end so that the Indian market for Chinese goods will be covered. Then they will again be able to dominate the Indian market again. Later, if the lockdown period was extended in India, China would want to export its products to the Indian market, thinking that people would buy more Chinese goods from the market. But the Indian government broke this dream of China. The Indian government has said that from now on they will emphasize the products made by various companies in their country. As a result, domestic products will remain in the market and domestic companies will become more powerful. The Indian government does not want China to dominate the Indian market.

China is seeking to regain their old dominance in India in this situation. But India does not want to give China that opportunity at all. China is hindering China's sovereignty in the Indian market.

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