India is now replacing China in the world market, China being the cornerstone


BanglaHunt Desk: China is currently torn apart by the Corona virus (COVID-19). Without knowing everything, the whole world has spoken out against China, to keep the Corona virus under wraps. In this situation, some countries have begun to depend on India. The United Kingdom (UK) has approved Huawei for 5g technology in their country. But before Prime Minister Boris Johnson fell ill due to the Corona virus, he had called for the cancellation of the 5g technology.

Britain's foreign minister is now in charge of Boris Johnson's illness. He again stated that we have decided to cancel this 5g technology now. Because of this, they are not trying to trade with China in this crisis.

On the other hand, France also made a big announcement. France has said that it will give India more priority over China than it does in foreign trade. There is no longer unity in the European Union. India is now a very large market in terms of business. So we will now have more dialogue with India towards business. I will also depend on India for security. This will further strengthen the relations between India and France.

Other countries in the world are now thinking of India as an alternative to China. Because the world no longer wants China. The world is no longer willing to have any business relationship with China because of the Corona virus infection. India wants to give China a place.

Different diseases have been introduced from China at different times. And the devastating effects of the whole world have to suffer. So this time the world wants to stop all the goods imported from China. But India is now thinking of India as an alternative to China. India is currently exporting medicines during the crisis in various countries, lifting the ban on drug exports. They are also exporting essential medical products to different countries as per the need. That is why the world is now thinking of doing business with India instead of China.

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