India is now the angel of the world: UAE wants drugs to India

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona (COVID-19) seeks UAE assistance from India in crisis Hydroxy chloroquine chile near India after USA, Israel, Brazil. Corona virus has spread throughout the world. Many countries have died of the virus. Superpower America, Italy, Spain, France all countries have admitted to this deadly virus. Scientists around the world are constantly trying to find a way to get rid of the virus. But it still takes quite a while to make the right drug for this virus. And in the meantime, hydroxy chloroquine is temporarily working to relieve the disease. So the demand for these drugs is now worldwide.

Due to the high hydroxy chloroquine production in India, many countries have requested help for the drug. Although India first imposed a ban on the export of these drugs, India has been helping India lift its sanctions by giving them the drugs they need. So this time, India sought the help of hydroxy chloroquine to the UAE.

The coronary virus has spread widely in the UAE. In this section, all activities have been stopped. The number of infections has exceeded 3,000 and the death toll is 3. In the wake of this crisis, the UAE government wants the help of hydroxy chloroquine in India. Indian Ambassador Pawan Kapoor, who was present there, expressed this demand to the media. India has said a decision will be taken soon after discussing the issue in Delhi.

Indian Ambassador Pawan Kapoor said, “Indian nationals in the UAE are being cared for. They are all being helped. If the traffic starts, arrangements will be made to send them to India. To date, India has sent the hydroxy chloroquine to six countries, which are still working on some of the people affected by the Corona virus. To some extent, the infected person is recovering. However, India has assured that it will send medicines to protect the citizens of their country as well as to protect the citizens of other countries.

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