India is self-sufficient, an IAS team is making top quality PPE worms at half price


BanglaHunt Desk: With the rapid growth of Corona virus (COVID-19) in India, the country's health system is facing many serious challenges. PPE is one of the most important issues for health workers in the future to deal with this crisis. The health system is weakening due to acute shortage of these safety kits in the country.

A small coastal district of Uttar Pradesh has come forward to solve this problem. Under the supervision of IAS Officer Arvind Singh, rural women in Lakhimpur Kheri have come together to create a huge global standard PPE kit. Even in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, the Indian Army has come forward to prepare this PPE kit.
Lakhimpur Kheri, Chief Development Officer (CDO) Arvind Singh said, ‘Anyone would be surprised to see this work by disadvantaged and exploited women in the village. He stands by the people in this moment of crisis. “

Arvind Singh explained, ‘Our district is not very developed and also lacks multi-specialized healthcare facilities. So, in order to increase the number of coronavirus infections, a team of health workers was deployed. Each team consisted of 25 workers, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, ambulance drivers and guards, working in shifts twice a day. During this time they came in direct contact with coronavirus patients. In addition to these, those who provided food to the patients, stayed in the security system of the hospital and the police personnel engaged in the security of the registration center also needed protection from infection.

He said, “I felt that all our frontline staff urgently needed PPE kits. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals across the country. Luckily, a few days before the March 25 lockdown, we hired self-help groups to create this kit. Arrangements were made to procure raw materials as soon as possible. In addition to enhancing women's skills, there was a special focus on quality, design, and process. “Operation Kabach is the name of our initiative.”

After storing the raw materials, the women were carefully trained to design the kit, including polypropylene cover covers, goggles, face shields, headgear, masks, gloves and shoe covers. Lucknow Cantonment 41st Infantry Brigade has ordered 52 kits. The Kumaon Indore Division has ordered 20 kits and the Armed Border Force has ordered 30 PPE kits. A large portion of the order has already been shipped. The price of each kit is 490 rupees.

Arvind Singh said, “Currently, there are about 185 women working in 6 blocks of the district, who are residents of Laximpur Kheri, Isanagar, Nighasan, Palia, Gola and Mohammadi. We strictly follow all standard sanitary protocols and social distance rules at these centers, as well as disinfect them twice a day. The Block Development Officer supervises the whole operation, yet I try to visit each center every day. ‘

Arvind Singh is a 2015-batch IAS officer and studied at IIT-IIM. He finished tenth in the UPSC exams. He also has experience in technical research in South Korea and Hong Kong. He said awareness of the status of the corona virus in these countries had helped him fight the corona tragedy in India even before the terrible epidemic spread.