India is succeeding in stealing Australia’s intelligence, says Greg Chappell, attacking Rahul Dravid


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Indian cricket team is very strong at the moment because one young cricketer after another is emerging. Which is why Indian selectors are now daring to field two different teams in two types of cricket. Rahul Dravid is one of the biggest contributors to the rise of young Indian cricketers, according to Aussie cricketer Greg Chappell. At the same time, he said, Dravid’s success lends itself to Australian intelligence.

“We have a lot of talent in our country but no one knows where they are,” said Greg Chappell in an interview with Cricket Australia’s website. We are not able to bring the talents of our country in the right way. Losing talent in this way is not acceptable at all. But look at India, how beautifully they have arranged themselves. Rahul Dravid deserves this credit because Rahul has stolen our intelligence. ”

He added, “Rahul Dravid is now doing the same thing we used to do in the past, the way we used to pick up the players. We are far behind in terms of talent search. England is ahead of us. ”