India is the safest of seven countries in the world, says WHO


Bangla Hunt Desk: The seven most affected countries in the world are the United States, Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and China. America has the highest number of patients and the highest number of deaths. In these seven countries, when the first coronary disease was found, and the government declared a lockdown, the virus attacks in those countries took 20 to 5 days.

55 days have passed since the first patient was found in India and the lockdown was announced. Then India is the safest country compared to these seven countries from that time till today. The incidence of the virus is much lower in India than in those countries. The World Health Organization reports that India is still the safest country.

Not just WHO, other countries are saying the same thing. According to statistics, America's first patient was found on January 26, and on March 7, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency. In those 54 days, 1,284 patients were found in the United States and 36 died.

The first case in India was found in Kerala on January 5, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced lockdown on March 25. Six days passed between the first case and the announcement of the lockdown, and the number of patients was only 3 and only 1 died.

Let me tell you, 18,786 people across India have been infected with corona so far. Of these, 1,3 cases are active. 3,280 lost the virus and returned home fully recovered. Another 599 died.

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